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7 Ways You Can Study Real Estate Online

Study Real Estate Online

Studying Real Estate Online


Before You Go To The Real Estate Business, You Will Require a License, But That’s Not It. Understanding The Various Patterns Of The Business And Having An Insight Into The Market Is Needed. Since You Might’Ve Had Some Idea, But That’s Not Enough To Launch a Career. You Need To Study It Thoroughly Before You Decide To Go With It. Online Is a Nice Way To Study And Learn About Real Estate. On Top Of That, If You Know An Agent Who Can Guide You And Share His Experience With You, That Is a Plus Point.


Basic Free And Low-Cost Online Courses: 

You Can Find Several Ways Where You Can Study The Basics Of Real Estate Online. They Can Allow You To Dive Into Specific Topics Or You Can Also Have a Basic Understanding Through That Course. If You Are Starting, You Should Check It Out. It Will Not Only Give You a Piece Of Extensive Knowledge But Also Expose You To The Different Paradigms Of The Business.

Prelicensure Online Education:

This Is Very Important For Those Who Aspire To Become Full-Fledged Realtors. The Rules And Regulations May Vary For The Place That You Reside In But If You Want To Play Safe, You Should Check With The Licensing Requirements Of Your State. Usually, There Are Rules That You Must Complete a Pre-Licensing Course, Only After That, You Will Be Provided a Certificate That Can Be Included In The Application.

State Licensing Exam Prep: 

You Can Also Find Places On The Internet That Will Help You In Preparing For Your Respective State Licensing Exams. If You Have Completed Your Prelicensure Education, Preparing For The Exam Is a Real Benefit, As It Will Go a Long Way In The Process Of Your Licensing.


Continuing Education Requirements: 

Various Rules Are In Place To Keep Your Licenses. This Can Vary By State And The Regulations Can Change By State. Real State Express Offers a Continuing Course That Can Give You Access To Material Crucial For Understanding And Studying.

Courses To Become a Broker:

Various Websites Help Students To Become Brokers And Earn Licenses. The Courses Can Be Taken Online From Moseley Real Estate Schools And Allied Business Schools Inc. The Online Course To Become a Broker Can Cost Up To Virginia Costs $229 Which Also Includes Your Access To Materials.

Online Certificate Programs At Universities: 

There Are Also Online Certificate Courses Offered By Different Universities That Are Shorter In Length And Cost. They Provide a Basic View Of The Real Estate And Explore a Specific Subject.

Online Degrees

Real Estate Online Degrees:

The Degree Can Provide Insight Into The Business. Though a Full-Fledged Degree Isn’t Required To Enter The Field, Students Can Opt For It. This Can Educate Them As They Play To Enter The Business.


It’s Better To Go Prepared In The Business. It Can Be That You Know Somethings Already, But An Extensive Study And a Proper Understanding In The Field Can Always Help You.

Southern Living: Savannah, GA

Southern Living: Savannah, GA

Southern Living At Its Best In Savannah, GA

The decision to become a homeowner takes a lot of consideration and forethought. First, you must decide on a place where you and your family can flourish, a place with much to offer as it relates to occupation, education, and lifestyle. In this great country there are many such places from which to choose. Each region has something special to offer, but there is so much to be said about the South. The heart of the South is the great state of Georgia, and the city of Savannah is attracting people from every corner of America.


Savannah’s scenic view of the oceanf


Georgia is one of the original thirteen colonies, and Savannah has been one of the major cities of the state for centuries. This is a city that still has much of the old world charm with modern state of the art conveniences. The beauty of the city will captivate newcomers while giving local residents a source of pride. Cradled on the ebb of the Atlantic Ocean, Savannah has the most amazing waterfront properties and beaches with the bluest water ever imaginable. If you’re visiting, buying, or selling a home in Savannah, enjoy having the opportunity to take advantage of the many accolades of the city, and visiting the beach whenever possible.


Finding the perfect home is easy


With the assistance of a qualified Savannah real estate agent, you’ll locate the perfect home in no time, something that will appeal to you and your entire family. Get the home of your dreams by choosing one of Savannah’s old town colonial homes in the well preserved neighborhoods, or one of several of the suburban homes in the exquisite newly developed communities. Home ownership is made easier with the help of a trusted Realtor that has your interest at heart. Just tell them what you have in mind, and they will locate the home that you desire.


Home ownership in Savannah means being a part of history


Savannah is a city that is filled with history. There are many landmarks that depict the nostalgia of decades, and centuries past. It is a city that prides itself on being a part of the foundation of the United States. You will enjoy engaging with the residents of the city who still possess that much admired southern hospitality. The decision to buy a home in Savannah will be the best decision that you will ever make. Even people who sell a home in Savannah do so with the anticipation of making an upgrade to buy a home in another prestigious area of the city.


The benefits of home ownership


When planning to become a home owner in the city of Savannah, a few of the positive factors that will help in making the final determination is the fact that the employment opportunities are at an all time high. Educational opportunities are soaring, as Georgia is a state with some of the finest colleges and universities in the Southern region of the country. Entrepreneurial opportunities are flourishing, and start up businesses are seeing profits and increased revenue after short periods of time. Home ownership means having the home that you want, just the way that you want it. The most important benefit of owning your own home is the equity that you can build for yourself, as opposed to renting with no long term benefit.


Southern charm at its best


In the city of Savannah, people still enjoy sitting on the front porches of their homes, and having conversations with their neighbors. The communities are elegant with beautiful tree lined streets, some with original refurbished architecture. Some areas of town still have the cobblestone walkways that add beauty and luxury to the already scenic atmosphere. Getting the best home buying experience can be had if the agent is well aware of what the city has to offer. Whether you want to buy, or sell a home, it can be done efficiently, and more cost effectively with someone who knows the real estate market in Savannah.


Home ownership is the best option when looking for a new place, especially if you have a family and want to secure their future. Give your children a place to grown up in, and that will be there when they are grown and come back to visit. Home ownership is always better than renting, and owning that home in Savannah is a viable possibility that could provide peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment. Sure, it is a big step, but it is a step that will ensure prosperity for you and your family, and one that you will be grateful for during the remainder of your life. Make your first, or next, home ownership in Savannah Georgia.


Selling Your Home? Here are Some Top Tips

selling your home - tips

Selling Your Home? Here are Some Top Tips to get it Off Your Hands

Selling a home is not as easy as many people assume it to be.

In many instances homes stay on the market for months, sometimes never getting sold.  The majority of the time it is usually because the owners are not taking the right steps.

This article is about real estate tips for selling your home:

•    You may be tempted to list your home at a high price so that when you lower it later it can attract buyers. Unfortunately this plan doesn’t usually work. You are more likely to get buyers within the first 30 days of listing, so if the price is set too high during this time you will put off buyers and real estate agents, and your home will take longer to sell.  Read our article on getting the true value of your home.

•    Make sure that your home has curb appeal. Curb appeal is the easiest way to add sell-ability to you home. Have the lawn properly mown, and plant flowers. If the front door is worn give it a coat of paint and if the mailbox is old replace it. The more attractive your home looks on the outside the faster it’s likely to sell.

•    People are more likely to be interested in buying your home if you update it. You should give all the rooms a new coat of paint and replace anything that is broken. It also helps if you can install new fixtures and fittings – it makes the home look newer and you can ask for a higher price.

•    Stage your home to look inviting. You have lived in it for a long time and it is likely that you have accumulated clutter over the years. Get rid of all of it and clean and arrange every room so that it looks inviting. If you have old furniture you can talk to your real estate agent about doing professional staging with rented furniture. The idea is to make potential buyers imagine that it would be a great experience to live there.

•    Be flexible about showing the home. If you insist that you can only show at certain times, or certain days of the week it will take longer to find a buyer. If you are too busy have your real estate agent organize the showing.

•    Get your pets and their paraphernalia out of the house. You don’t want them to put off any would-be buyers.

•    Make sure that your home is listed on all the top real estate websites so that it can be seen by as many people as possible.

Lastly, you will have a lot more success selling your home if you work with the right real estate agent. Make sure that they are experienced and find out what kind of a track record they have. Find out how much they will charge you and exactly what kinds of services they will be able to provide, and when.

Now that you have the tips to get your home sold — next you will need to worry about tips for dealing with bidding wars on your home once the listing hist the market!



Buying a Waterfront Home?

Buying a Waterfront Home? Here are Some Top Tips to Guide You

Have you always dream of owning a waterfront home, and you finally have the chance to do it. Do not assume that because you bought your current home successfully you can buy a waterfront home using the same methods. Waterfront homes are different, and if you are not careful you may end up with a property that is worthless. Buying the right property is super critical. Before you buy take into account the following:

•    Make sure that the property is inspected by a licensed home inspector for damage from the elements. Beachfront homes are susceptible to the elements because they are so close to the water. Oftentimes they suffer structural damage, and if you don’t have a thorough inspection done you may buy a property that will cost you a lot of money. Make sure that the walls are sound and that the beach and attic are in god condition. Look at windows and doors too as well as the insulation.

•    Don’t just look at the structure. Look at the property too. You may find that although the home is beautiful it is surrounded by land that doesn’t allow you to do much. You may find, for example, that it is on the edge of a cliff, or that it is so rocky that you cannot take your boat out to the water.

•    If you will be living in your beachfront home full time you should take convenience into account. How long, for example, does it take you to get to your job, or to commute to the nearest school? How far do you have to go to get groceries?

•    If you are an outdoors person make sure that you get easy access to the sea. You don’t want to buy a waterfront home only to find out that you have to drive for half an hour to the nearest beach, or that you cannot swim in the ocean because it is polluted.

•    Find out whether you are allowed to make any moderation’s to the home. You may buy a beachfront home with the idea to add a jetty, for example, only to find out that local authorities do not allow this. If you are purchasing a condo – you will want to review the condo docs.  You should also find out what activities are allowed on the beach – some beaches restrict some activities.

•    It is harder to get financing for a beachfront home than a typical property. Since these homes are more expensive lenders are usually reluctant to issue mortgages against them. To make it easier to get a loan you should save a significant amount – if you have a bigger down payment you will find it easier to get a loan.

•    Don’t deal with just any realtor – find the right one who specializes in beachfront homes. As mentioned earlier, these homes are unique because of exposure to the elements, and only a realtor who has experience with beachfront homes can find you a good property.

•    If you will not be living in your waterfront home full time you should consider renting it – people love to vacation in beachfront homes, and you will make some money in the process.

Use these tips to find yourself a beachfront home you will love.

Stage Your Home For Sale

How to stage your home for sale and get the best price

Selling a home is a complex yet exciting process for many. The trick to getting a buyer who will buy a house for a price that is as close to your asking price as possible is ensuring that you stage the house well. You always have the option of hiring a professional to stage your home or you can do it yourself.  Here are the key things that you should pay attention to when you want to stage your house;

http://austinparkwayelementary.comDE clutter

Over the years you must have accumulated a bit of odds and ends. If you leave them lying around during the showing day, they will definitely be your undoing. Get rid of as much stuff as possible from your house. Put ways children’s toys and pet toys. You can either give it away or keep it in a storage facility somewhere. The importance of removing clutter is that it will make the home appear bigger than it is which will appeal to a buyer.

Furniture clumping

Most people think that arranging furniture along the wall makes the house seem large but this cannot be further from the truth. Try clumping the furniture together and removing furniture away from the walls if you want to create the impression of space. Doing this will also ease movement around the house during showing.

Curb appeal

Make your home attractive from the outside because first impressions are really important when it comes to home selling. Some of the things you can do to ensure that your home looks gorgeous on the outside are to manicure the lawn, plant flowers and grass around the house, wash the walkways and driveways, clean the windows and sidings, paint the porch and the front door.

Clean the floors

Give the floors a thorough wash and clean the carpets as well. If you have wood floors, refinish them if they are in a bad state.

Make good use of the extra rooms

If you have been using extra rooms as a storage rooms, now is the time to remove all the items you have stored there and use it for the purpose it was intended for that is a bedroom. Find nice beds and beddings and arrange the furniture nicely in the room.

Master bedroom

The colors used in the master bedroom should be gender-neutral so that it can appeal to both sexes.

http://austinparkwayelementary.comNeutral colors

Do not limit yourself to white color; try to be adventurous with colors. Opt for neutral instead of bold colors in large rooms. Some of the neutral colors available nowadays include soft blue-green, honeys and warm tans.

Give your house a good scrub

Wash all corners and surfaces of your house. Your house should look spic and span when potential buyers walk in the door to view it. You may consider hiring professionals to clean the house for you especially if it is big. Cleaning is important because it will help you get rid of all the ordors in the house and it improves the genral appearance of the home.


Remove all the traces of your personal life such as family photos and refrigerator art.  For instance, if you live in a waterfront home, and have pictures of you boating everywhere, you would want to remove those.


Ensure that you let in natural light through the windows and the sky light if there are any during the showing period. Clean the lighting fixtures and replace the broken ones.

How to find the true value of your home

How to find the true value of your home without breaking a sweat


Are you a homeowner and you are wondering how much your home could be worth? Maybe you have done a ton of home improvements and hope it has improved your homes value. Relax; you have come to the right place. Wondering about the value of your home is a valid concern. This is because your home is one of the concepts considered when someone is evaluating your net worth.

There are many other reasons that make people want to know how much their homes are worth. One of the reasons is that they might be planning to sell it in the future; therefore, by keeping track of its value, they can know when it is the best time to sell it. Another reason is that because of your tax bill. If you keep tabs with the property tax assessment and market value, you will be able to know when you are paying excessive tax based on an exaggerated property value or vice versa. You may also need a loan in the future and having knowledge about the value of your home will help you know the amount you can take against your home value. If the value of your home increases substantially, you will have an added advantage when you want to apply for a home equity line of credit.

How do you find out the true value of your home?

There are several ways you can find out the value of your home. One of the easiest is using the real estate websites available online that are specifically designed to calculate values of homes across different states in America. The most popular and efficient sites include;

·         Trulia

·         Zillow


·         Redfin

·         Real Estate ABC

·         RE/MAX




·         Chase Mortgage Services

These websites will also give you other important information about the real estate market. For instance, Zillow and Eppraisal will provide you with information about other homes that are being sold in your area, and will enable you to access information about the homes in the neighborhood and local schools.


http://austinparkwayelementary.comThere are three things that you need to do to further estimate the value of your home. These are;

1.      Gauge the temperature; If you input the details of your home into the Zillow platform, it will provide you with a line graph that predicts how your home will cost in the future. If the graph indicates an upward trend, then you can predict that its value will increase in the future and vice versa. The site will also enable you to compare with other homes in your city and zip code.

2.      Evaluate the landscape; Zillow can also help you know how the real estate market is performing. Some of the indicators that you should look out for are recently sold homes, current listing and foreclosures.

3.      Contact a real estate agent; a real estate agent is someone who is well versed in estimating the value of a home for the purposes of quoting the right asking price when selling a home. Seek their opinion and find out what they think about your home. They will use their experience to compare the specific details of your home and the market value of similar houses in the market and come up with a value for your home.

Ideally, finding it is not as difficult as it sounds.

Don’t Let The Price Of Gas Keep You From Getting Ahead

Don’t Let The Price Of Gas Keep You From Getting Ahead

Do you want to get your real estate license? but with rising gas prices you do not want to travel back and forth to school everyday. What do you do? You can get your real estate license online by enrolling in a distance education course.

Gas prices are affecting everyone around the nation. It costs the majority of Americans more than $50 to fill up their cars (MSNBC online survey), they are going to opt for cheaper alternatives. With telecommuting, home-based businesses and online schooling, there are many opportunities to conduct daily activities from home. Why not get your education from home?
Online education enables you to pursue your real estate education without having to drive to a different location. You can attend an online real estate school from home. With online or traditional home study courses, you can advance your career through the use of your computer or textbooks, CDs,study guides, and more. Get ahead while you save money!

According to MSNBC, people are changing their driving habits to cut down on gas costs, oftentimes staying home instead of using their car. With today’s educational alternatives, you can do it all from home. Don’t make your real estate education an exception.

Get your real estate license today by enrolling in an online real estate course. You can advance your career without cutting into your wallet.