Stage Your Home For Sale

How to stage your home for sale and get the best price

Selling a home is a complex yet exciting process for many. The trick to getting a buyer who will buy a house for a price that is as close to your asking price as possible is ensuring that you stage the house well. You always have the option of hiring a professional to stage your home or you can do it yourself.  Here are the key things that you should pay attention to when you want to stage your house;

DE clutter

Over the years you must have accumulated a bit of odds and ends. If you leave them lying around during the showing day, they will definitely be your undoing. Get rid of as much stuff as possible from your house. Put ways children’s toys and pet toys. You can either give it away or keep it in a storage facility somewhere. The importance of removing clutter is that it will make the home appear bigger than it is which will appeal to a buyer.

Furniture clumping

Most people think that arranging furniture along the wall makes the house seem large but this cannot be further from the truth. Try clumping the furniture together and removing furniture away from the walls if you want to create the impression of space. Doing this will also ease movement around the house during showing.

Curb appeal

Make your home attractive from the outside because first impressions are really important when it comes to home selling. Some of the things you can do to ensure that your home looks gorgeous on the outside are to manicure the lawn, plant flowers and grass around the house, wash the walkways and driveways, clean the windows and sidings, paint the porch and the front door.

Clean the floors

Give the floors a thorough wash and clean the carpets as well. If you have wood floors, refinish them if they are in a bad state.

Make good use of the extra rooms

If you have been using extra rooms as a storage rooms, now is the time to remove all the items you have stored there and use it for the purpose it was intended for that is a bedroom. Find nice beds and beddings and arrange the furniture nicely in the room.

Master bedroom

The colors used in the master bedroom should be gender-neutral so that it can appeal to both sexes.

Neutral colors

Do not limit yourself to white color; try to be adventurous with colors. Opt for neutral instead of bold colors in large rooms. Some of the neutral colors available nowadays include soft blue-green, honeys and warm tans.

Give your house a good scrub

Wash all corners and surfaces of your house. Your house should look spic and span when potential buyers walk in the door to view it. You may consider hiring professionals to clean the house for you especially if it is big. Cleaning is important because it will help you get rid of all the ordors in the house and it improves the genral appearance of the home.


Remove all the traces of your personal life such as family photos and refrigerator art.  For instance, if you live in a waterfront home, and have pictures of you boating everywhere, you would want to remove those.


Ensure that you let in natural light through the windows and the sky light if there are any during the showing period. Clean the lighting fixtures and replace the broken ones.