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Selling Your Home? Here are Some Top Tips

Selling Your Home? Here are Some Top Tips to get it Off Your Hands

Selling a home is not as easy as many people assume it to be.

In many instances homes stay on the market for months, sometimes never getting sold.  The majority of the time it is usually because the owners are not taking the right steps.

This article is about real estate tips for selling your home:

•    You may be tempted to list your home at a high price so that when you lower it later it can attract buyers. Unfortunately this plan doesn’t usually work. You are more likely to get buyers within the first 30 days of listing, so if the price is set too high during this time you will put off buyers and real estate agents, and your home will take longer to sell.  Read our article on getting the true value of your home.

•    Make sure that your home has curb appeal. Curb appeal is the easiest way to add sell-ability to you home. Have the lawn properly mown, and plant flowers. If the front door is worn give it a coat of paint and if the mailbox is old replace it. The more attractive your home looks on the outside the faster it’s likely to sell.

•    People are more likely to be interested in buying your home if you update it. You should give all the rooms a new coat of paint and replace anything that is broken. It also helps if you can install new fixtures and fittings – it makes the home look newer and you can ask for a higher price.

•    Stage your home to look inviting. You have lived in it for a long time and it is likely that you have accumulated clutter over the years. Get rid of all of it and clean and arrange every room so that it looks inviting. If you have old furniture you can talk to your real estate agent about doing professional staging with rented furniture. The idea is to make potential buyers imagine that it would be a great experience to live there.

•    Be flexible about showing the home. If you insist that you can only show at certain times, or certain days of the week it will take longer to find a buyer. If you are too busy have your real estate agent organize the showing.

•    Get your pets and their paraphernalia out of the house. You don’t want them to put off any would-be buyers.

•    Make sure that your home is listed on all the top real estate websites so that it can be seen by as many people as possible.

Lastly, you will have a lot more success selling your home if you work with the right real estate agent. Make sure that they are experienced and find out what kind of a track record they have. Find out how much they will charge you and exactly what kinds of services they will be able to provide, and when.

Now that you have the tips to get your home sold — next you will need to worry about tips for dealing with bidding wars on your home once the listing hist the market!